Renewing LEADER/CLLD for 2020+; Celebrating 25 years of LEADER in Europe!

28 November 2016


Please find here full program and press release of the conference.

Photos of 1st day and 2nd day.

Presentations of the plenary:
1. Jean-Michel Courades,

has worked in European Commission since the beginning of LEADER

2. Hartmut Berndt,

Network of German LAGs

3. Mihail Dumitru,

European Commission

4. John Grieve,

European Network of Rural Development

5. Roman Haken,

European Economic and Social Committee


1. CLLD and multifunding: how to improve its implementation?
Stefan Niedermoser, Austrian LEADER Forum
Luis Chaves, Portuguese Federation of Local Development Association


2. Coordination between LEADER actors and authorities: how to develop transparent and holistic coordination on a national level?
Povilas Saulevicius, Lithuanian Rural Communities Union
Radim Sršen, National Network of Local Action Groups of the Czech Republic
Marion Eckardt, Local Development Sweden

3. Local development strategies: how to assure innovative and flexible implementation?
Anita Seļicka, Latvian Rural Forum
Petri Rinne, Village Action Association of Finland

4. Transnational and inter-territorial co-operation in the EU and with third countries: how to simplify and harmonize co-operation?
Maria Jose Murciano, Spanish Network of Rural Development
Mercedes Merimaa, Estonian LEADER Union

5. 25-year-old LEADER method: how to renew it for the 2020+ period?
Vaido Mikheim, Estonia, Tartu Science Park in association with LAG Tartu Rural Development
Ryan Howard, South and East Cork Area Development (SECAD) CLG