Frequently asked questions:

Who pays for it?

Unfortunately, ELARD is not able to offer financial support for the practical organization of the exchanges. The LAG sending its staff member to the exchange should cover the travel costs, insurances needed as well as the possible daily allowances of its employee.

The host LAG organizes the accommodation and takes care of the possible accommodation costs of its guest. Family accommodation is recommended as it can lower the cost substantially as well as offer a nice opportunity for the visitor to get familiar with the local culture and way of life.

Before applying, please find out if in your country this kind of activity can be covered e.g. from the funds allocated for the transnational cooperation activities etc.

Who covers what?

LAG sending the visitor

Travel costs, insurances and daily allowances of its employee

Host LAG

Accommodation costs of the visitor

Can more than one staff member participate?

As a general rule each LAG participating sends one member of their staff to exchange. With a mutual decision the partners can decide to have several staff members taking turns during the exchange. The length of the exchange period should however be the same in both countries in order to avoid imbalances in the cost incurring to the partners for hosting the visitor.

During the pilot, two LAGs experimented by sending several staff members to the exchange, covering different time periods, and according to these LAGs, the experience was positive.

Can LAGs that are not members of ELARD participate?

Yes! The 4th edition of the exchange program is open to all interested LAGs.

What is the optimal length of the exchanges?

The pilot exchanges had the duration of three weeks, which was experienced as overly long time by many participants. Based on these experiences, duration of 2 weeks is recommended and the LAGs are given the freedom to define themselves the length of the exchange according to their mutual preferences, needs and situation.