Aim and Objectives of the ELARD Association

ELARD aims to support rural and regional development under LEADER philosophy, to promote experience sharing through its members and partners, and to promote networking and cooperation by transnational projects.

The specific aims of ELARD are:

  • To encourage solidarity amongst the citizens of rural areas within the European Union, particularly in those that implement the LEADER programme;
  • To promote the philosophy, principles and reach of the LEADER programme;
  • To support the partners/members in their efforts to carry out innovatory actions in the field of rural development;
  • To serve as a forum for the NGO rural groups and organisations that wish to exchange their views and experiences on rural development and the future of rural areas in Europe;
  • To defend the interests and needs of its members in front of other European and national institutions;
  • To serve as a link with similar networks and institutions that work towards an integrated rural development;
  • To organise meetings between different Local Action Groups (LAGs) at European level;
  • To encourage initiatives that will lead to cooperation;
  • To help associated Groups that may be interested inĀ finding partners for their cooperation projects;
  • To divulge experiences from the associated Groups;
  • To create a database of innovative projects previously carried out, so that they can be used as a reference for the rest of partners;

Furthermore, after the 2004 and 2007 EU enlargements, ELARD has been making efforts to provide the newly established rural networks in the new member states with valuable information and support.