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About Elard

The European LEADER Association for Rural Development (ELARD) is an international non-profit making association that was established in 1999 by the National LEADER Networks of different EU Member States.

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LEADER Approach

The importance of the LEADER method in the context of a local development strategy has been recognised all over Europe, and there are plenty examples under LEADER approach that show how local development strategies can be developed with LEADER funding and how they may continue to have a positive impact into the next programming period.

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ELARD Positions

ELARD is convinced that the LEADER methodology is an ideal tool for supporting the Europe 2020 Strategy aims in terms of “smart”, “sustainable” and “inclusive” growth. Thousands of Local Action Groups have demonstrated that applying the specific features of the LEADER methodology can help to find both innovative and environmentally and socially sustainable solutions for rural development and help mobilising the unique human, social, economic and cultural potential of rural Europe. Read more

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With over 56 % of the population in the 28 Member States of the European Union (EU) living in rural areas, which cover 91 % of the territory, rural development is a vitally important policy area. Farming and forestry remain crucial for land use and the management of natural resources in the EU's rural areas, and as a platform for economic diversification in rural communities. The strengthening of EU rural development policy is, therefore, an overall EU priority. (Fact Sheet - THE EU RURAL DEVELOPMENT POLICY 2007-2013, European Commission)


Renewing LEADER/CLLD for 2020+; Celebrating 25 years of LEADER in Europe!

28 Nov 2016: Renewing LEADER/CLLD for 2020+; Celebrating 25 years of LEADER in Europe!

ELARD conference in Estonia 22-23 November, 2016, Tartu.

Expected result: Declaration of LEADER/CLLD for the period of 2021–2027 for submitting to the European Commission and the managing authorities of the member states.

Participants: Local action groups, including also FLAGs, Urban LAGs and other actors working with the LEADER method, as well as cooperation partners across Europe, the European Commission, representatives of ENRD, national rural networks and managing authorities of the member states.

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ESPON - Policy Briefs

27 Oct 2016: ESPON - Policy Briefs

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